Vow of Ordination

This is a short address from the Covenant Book of Worship, where the president of our denomination addresses the ordinands during the (service of) ordination to word and sacrament, what I’ll be hearing and saying tonight:

Dear friends, in response to God’s call and after spiritual and educational preparation, you have come to be ordained to the office of word and sacrament.  Having confessed your faith and spoken your vows in matters of faith and holy intent, I now call upon you to make your solemn promise in the presence of God and in this company of witnesses.

Will you undertake to be a faithful pastor, caring for God’s people, nourishing them in the preaching and teaching of the word, administering the holy sacraments, bearing rule in the church, and serving with the love and authority of Christ in bringing redemption and reconciliation?

After we say, “I will with the help of God,” the president addresses both orders of ordination (word and service and word sacrament):

We praise God for your commitment to serve Christ and his Church in the orders of word, service, and sacrament.  Serve patiently, cheerfully, and with compassion, remembering that the work you are called to is God’s work and that it is done in God’s name to God’s glory.  Follow Christ, whose servant you are.  Remember you are marked as persons who proclaim Christ crucified and risen, and you must be prepared to be what you proclaim.  Serve Christ simply and willingly, and let your joy in Christ overcome all discouragement.  Have no fear; be humble, yet bold and full of hope.

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