Five Questions For Writers

Jane Friedman is a gift for writers.  Her blog, There Are No Rules (which you can visit by clicking here) is full of resources, tips, summaries, and posts about writing, editing, publishing, marketing, and promotions.

In a recent post at Writer Unboxed, Jane offers writers five questions to ask when we wonder whether we have talent.  There are different questions, better questions, according to Jane.  Here is an excerpt with question 4:

4. What do you do after you fail?

Everyone fails. That’s not the important part. What’s important is what you do next. Are you learning? Are you growing? Is your experience making your heart bigger? Or is it shrinking you down, making you small? Beware of cynicism and bitterness, because if these emotions stick around too long, they will poison your efforts.

If you’re a writer or you know someone who is, pass these thoughts on.  If you’re interested to read more, see the full post here.


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