nc3I am a father, minister, and writer.  My work consists of writing words, fighting sentences, playing with my boys, providing spiritual care as a chaplain, and educating students in clinical pastoral education. I used to blog for fathers and the people who love them here.

Note that this site is an archive, with no new posts, and that any current ramblings of mine are at my website here.

3 thoughts on “Me

  1. I really enjoyed the piece “A White ‘Contrast’ Experience”. The young minister and PhD candidate really touched upon some key elements of Liberation Theology. As a professor of sociology, I often run into the difficult, but unavoidable problem of confronting the “invisible knapsack” of white privilege. While the anthropologist in me fully acknowledges the humanity of all peoples and understands race is primarily a social construct, getting others to understand the invalidity of social Darwinism and the impact of racialized identities is a difficult task. In short, I will try to incorporate much of this minister’s thesis into my own lectures and critiques, albeit I am not a man of faith myself. Great work.
    Mr. Gavin Lewis
    PS. You’ve come a long way since those young days on Normal Ave.

    • Gavin. Ah, it’s great to get a comment from you. I suppose we’ve both come a long way from those young days, eh? I’ll see if I can get a hold of that piece. You should tell me more about your work too. Email me at michael (at) I can already hear you “taking me to school” in this paragraph. I hope you’re well.

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