Social Media Authenticity

Dawn is over here doing her thing, blogging with a collective of mothers, thinking through and reflecting upon the mixed and wonderful life that is theirs and ours. Here’s her latest post, emerging out of both our stubborn insistence to learn how to see.

“If people are going to see me on social media, I want people to see my real life, the good, bad, and ugly of it all because human perfection is not beautiful, it’s a lie.”


I gotta give it to Alicia Keys.  It takes character to decide to ditch make up in an industry as shallow as the music and television industry.  Keys has essentially kicked off another wave of media authenticity with the #NoMakeUpMovement (Jamie Lee Curtis shook the industry with her exposition of photoshopping among celebrity images).  Now that another form of natural beauty is trending these days with  Alicia Keys, Sanaa Lathan,  Kendall Jenner, and others  who have committed to natural looks in their public lives, it will be interesting to see if the movement will go beyond trend and revolutionize how we understand beauty as a culture.

Many of us were already on…

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