Bookshelf 2015

What I’ve Finished in 2015

Life Cycle Theory & Pastoral Care


Scarred by Struggle

Just Wanna Testify

Between The World And Me

Life In Motion

When My Brother Was An Aztec

All the Light We Cannot See

Stand Your Ground

Generation to Generation

Permission Marketing

Survival Is Not Enough

Coming Home to Your True Self

The Peaceable Kingdom

Working With Words

A History of Pastoral Care in America

Theology for Better Counseling


Sisters of the Yam

The Logic of the Spirit: Human Development in Theological PerspectiveThe Logic of the Spirit
Letters and LifeLetters and Life

Twelve Tribes of Hattie

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover

Behind the Masks

Product DetailsThe Gospel in Black & White

To Know As We Are Known

Professional Spiritual & Pastoral Care

Mending the World

Living the Intersection

The Reflective Practitioner

Stories of God

Jung on Christianity

Just Mercy

Olive Kitteridge

Learning to Walk in the Dark

Front CoverHow Modern Should Theology Be

A Theology of Presence


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