To The Men Who Are Our Fathers

For Fathers

I read this in church this morning and thought to put it up.

This is a reading to the men who are our fathers.

As you stand today in celebration, in remembrance, in prayer, with hope and joy and fear in your hearts, I remind you that you are a man.  I remind you that we—in this church, in this community, in this city, in this world—need you because of that.

We don’t need your skills necessarily.  We don’t require your cultivated talents, though they can be useful.  We don’t need your ingenuity or your success or the long list of things you’ve done or hope to do.

No, what we need is less, or more.  We need you.David Kiragu

You should work hard, be diligent in vocation, and perhaps that creates the background of manhood.  Still, there is a greater vocation than your productivity.

This is not a common…

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