This blog, in random and scattered ways, is about parenting, writing, spirituality, and relationships.  I hope to cross these and other intersections of my life.  I write as a married man–born, raised, and living in Chicago–who fumbles through fatherhood, writes words, works as a pastor in a multi-ethnic church, and teaches and learns in two seminaries with soon-to-be-pastors.  Please look through my Traveled Roads archive if you’re new to my posts, and thank you for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “Blog

  1. I’ve loved writing since as long as I can remember. Pen and pad are still today, two of my very best friends:-) It has helped me through some difficult as well as joyous moments in my life. From my first heartache as a teen to giving birth to my daughter, I love the ability to sit…and just write.

    Love your blog Mike – thanks for sharing:-)

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