Links and Things-To-Do

Instead of the second guest post for the Church and Dating conversation (that post will come later), I offer these…

Here are a few interesting links:

  • One of favorite writers, Tayari Jones, has a brief post here on metaphor and why finishing a novel is, in her opinion, not quite like giving birth.


  • Here is an example of generosity mixed with books and stirred with a little bit of literary love, and you might be able to get a really good book.


  • C.W. Gortner’s post is a good reminder here of what historical fiction is and what the role of history is related to fiction.

Things-to-do in the city:

  • The 16th Annual Black Harvest Film Festival has started.  The festival is our city’s own showcase for the black experience on film and video, and it features special events, sneak previews, and independent film from Chicago and around the world.  You will find at least one something that interests you from August 6 through September 2.


  • Hyde Park’s annual jazz fest takes listeners to more than a dozen neighborhood spots to hear good music.  If you’d like an introduction to the community, are interested in meeting a few new people, or are thinking about a creative way to have a little fun, come.


  • Pearl Fest is coming to the Mandrake Park at 39th and Drexel.  It’s August 21, 2010.  The flyers aren’t done yet, but I’ll post it when it’s ready.  You can also watch the Little Black Pearl website for updates.


  • The Chicago Jazz Festival is September 2-5, 2010.  It’s free, in a beautiful venue at the Pritzker pavilion, and will expose you to an array of artists and styles of jazz.  Attend.  Really.