13 Blogging Ideas for Novelists

As I keep learning about publishing and writing, I continue to deepen my debt to a few people in the writing world.  Today I’m nodding again to Michael Hyatt.  He posted a great list of blog ideas for novelists.

Send your novel-writing friends to this if they’re interested in developing or continuing a blog.  I’ve listed the first 5 ideas, and you can click below to keep reading.

  1. Excerpts from Your Novel. This is probably the easiest. It has the added advantage of allowing us, your potential readers, to “sample the brew.” Just write a paragraph to set up the excerpt. Oh, and be sure to link to your book, so we can buy it (duh).
  2. Backstory of Your Novel. Tell us why you wrote your novel. How did you settle onthis story? How did you come up with the main characters? Why did you chose the setting you did? What research did you have to do before you could start writing?
  3. A Behind-the-Scenes Look. Give us a sense of what it is like to be a novelist. How did you feel when you finally landed an agent? What does a typical writing day look like for you? What’s it like to see your book in print and hold a copy in your hand for the first time?
  4. “Directors” Notes. This is the kind of thing you occasionally see with extended versions of movies. Explain why you chose to start with a particular scene. Talk about the scenes you had to delete—or those you had to add to improve the story. Don’t underestimate the curiosity of your readers.
  5. Interview with Yourself. Authors often complain that professional reviewers haven’t read their book or don’t “get it.” Fine. Who knows your novel better than you? No one. So interview yourself. Have fun with it. What questions do you wish you would be asked?

To read the rest of Michael’s list, click here.

3 thoughts on “13 Blogging Ideas for Novelists

  1. You find some great links and quotes. Though I’ve collected information like this from various websites, I’ve never seen a comprehensive list. I’ll try Number 2 later today.

    • I’ll tell you that I subscribed to publishersmarketplace.com for a couple years, though I’m not a subscriber currently, and it opened me up to a world of writing-related blogs and such. You may find it interesting. Again, most of the resources come at a monthly fee. I’m glad you’re going to try out a few of these ideas. Michael Hyatt maintains a great resource in his blog–years of publishing, writing, and communications-related materials.

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