Questioning The Candidates

I emailed the following questions to the mayoral candidates for my city’s upcoming top job and, in Mr. Emanuel’s case, sent the questions through his webpage.  I could not find a way to submit them to Ms. Watkins.  If you have an email address, give it to me, and I’ll email her office.  What questions would you ask? 

  1. What is your vision for the city?
  2. Finances, crime, and education are three popular issues to have been mentioned thus far in the race, and necessarily so.  What related or unrelated matters do you want voters to be aware of as the election approaches?
  3. Why do you want to be mayor?
  4. How will you address concerns from communities in the West and South sides?
  5. How will you resist the inherent pressures to pay attention to people and places who are politically connected, and what will you do to invite new people into the democratic and political process?
  6. Much has been said about the city’s financial position, but hardly any discussion has been given to the specific issue of finances relative to poor people.  How will you lead this city in paying attention to addressing poverty, and empowering poor citizens and their families?
  7. How do you grow and sustain yourself personally, spiritually, and professionally?
  8. Who are some of the people who have helped you become a servant to the public?
  9. If you are elected, how will you work to build relationships across neighborhoods, with people who didn’t support you, and in communities that are often underrepresented in our city’s leadership and power structures?
  10. I imagine you get asked all kinds of questions you don’t want to be asked.  I may be wrong.  But what questions (along with your corresponding answers) do you wish to be asked during this campaign season?

When these folks answer, if they answer, I commit to gladly posting their responses on my blog.  Who knows whether I’ll get some response.

Again, what would you add?


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