Links To Other Interesting Posts

Browse through some of these interesting posts.  I think you’ll find some good reading.  Comment on these blogs if something grabs you, and I’d love to hear about it too.  So feel free to come back here and make a point.

  • My pastor and coworker over at New Community, Pastor Peter Hong, wrote an engaging post here about why tolerance is less than what followers of Jesus are called to in relation to people of other faiths.
  • Professor Tayari Jones, an ATL native, has a piece she wrote a couple years ago up here where she discusses, among other things, the burden of Memphis.
  • My friend and coworker, Pastor David Swanson, is pushing a good question or two in this post as it relates to Dr. Martin Luther King’s impact and legacy and what we’re doing with them.
  • The new governor of Alabama is in the news for saying that people who aren’t Christians aren’t his relatives.

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