Reading & Last Year’s Blog Interviews

I finished my second book for the year.  I’ve read Eula Biss’ Notes From No Man’s Land and Danielle Evans’ Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self.  They were treats and I found myself whispering thank yous to those ladies as I read! 

I hope to talk about these books later in a bit more detail, but if you’re into short stories and essays, do yourself a favor–purchase them, read them, and plan the next time when you’ll re-read them.  If you aren’t into short stories or essays–and I don’t get to read either very much–these works will entice and satisfy even your reading appetite.  I’m almost convinced enough to reimburse you if you don’t love those books.  But you’d have to take that up with my wife.

Nonetheless, finishing them got me thinking about the writers I read last year.  And I want to recommend again to you the following books, along with others by these authors.  I’m glad that these folks participated in blog interviews.  I’m keeping track of their work the best I can, and I hope you’re doing the same. 

  • Johnathan and Toni Alvarado discussed their book here, highlighting the meaning of marriage, leadership, and several strategies to strengthen relationships in general.
  • My interview with Lee H. Butler where he discussed fatherhood in compelling ways that will enrich both parents and non-parents.
  • In this post, Bernice McFadden talked about her latest novel, Glorious, as well as a few insightful comments about publishing and writers to watch.
  • Ravi Howard discusses his novel here and connects us to why we might remember history.
  • Donna Freitas talks about power, balance, and the possibility of healing when discussing her latest novel here.

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