Ten Things Different As Compared To This Time Last Year

I don’t know how to interpret the non-response to the book giveaway.  Maybe you’ll tell me.  So, even though I don’t have a winner to announce, I do hope you enjoyed the interview and I do have this post on a view things I’ve noticed from this time last year.

  1. I can tell you the number of times Dawn has sat across the table from me, just us, talking about something other than diapers, feeding schedules, formula, and other random things related mostly to the influence of sleep deprivation.
  2. I am still not a morning person.
  3. A schedule consisting mostly of driving a tender package around and doctor-visiting and note-taking, all while being afraid since nobody else seemed to know the rules of the road.  Actually I was doing this with my pregnant wife a year ago.
  4. The three pictures of me as a newborn, as a one-year old, and as a 7th grader on my refrigerator, placed there by my mother to show the similar features between me and the boy.
  5. My gym membership goes unused much more regularly.
  6. I only carve out one day per week to have evening meetings and my Sundays have become much longer because of it.
  7. I smile at other people’s kids because they make me think of my own.
  8. When I consider doing something I shouldn’t, I think about the boy’s face over my shoulder in the car, his eyes following mine as he peers through the gap in the seat shade, and it makes me remember responsibility again–to both God and the people who matter.
  9. I clean up.  All the time.  Even when other people are doing it too.  It never stops.
  10. People have literally forgotten my name, identity, and use, preferring 1) to label me “Bryce’s father,” 2) to ask me where he is first and where his mother is second, and 3) to compare me and my features to his as if I weren’t here first.

4 thoughts on “Ten Things Different As Compared To This Time Last Year

  1. Ha! Thumbs up #3 and #10! When Dawn finally told me she was pregnant as I was driving her in my car on the highway, I instantly became nervous and excited all at the same time. I was so anxious for us to get to our destination so she could get out of my car :-). I know how precious little Bryce is to you both. Cute article.

    • Thank you, Chevon. Though I don’t know that I should thank you for underlining these! I will repeat your line, how precious little Bryce is. How precious little Bryce is… Yes, yes.

  2. How can one gain the joys and accountability that come with a child without the deep prices of the child? I guess that is the challenge of any blessing that includes deep responsibilities and sacrifices, as the best ones do. Also, something I’ve learned from being in other people’s cars: every driver thinks every other driver doesn’t know the rules of the road.

    • You’re such the philosopher, Daniel. Joys don’t find us without pricetags. And for the record, none of the other drivers’ views matters when it comes to the road rules. Only mine. Thanks for the comment.

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