This Is A Stretch

I’m writing two letters to two political leaders.  It seems like everyone in my city is still talking about the mayoral race.  This race will be longer than any other, I’m sure, particularly since only a few of the presumed candidates have actually announced.  Everyone else is considering a run or simply gathering signatures or listening.  Well, I’m not writing to our current mayor, though his decision to leave office is turning over matters for me.  But I’m writing a letter to thank these persons for their leadership. 

These are gestures in gratitude.  I’m not going to insert my criticisms or my questions.  All I’m doing is writing a short note that names some of my gratitude.  I’m working and thinking to point out things I’ve observed.  I expect to admit my overall cluelessness since both of these folks do things I’ll never see or understand. 

I’m writing the notes to say thank you, to push myself to be a bit more complimentary and a tad less critical.  I never have to worry about being critical.  I’m that (un)naturally.  But I do have to work at thankfulness.  So, since I like to write, since I like words, I’m using the letters to stretch myself to do something that isn’t as easy.

If I can make a suggestion to you: consider doing something that’s a stretch for you.  For example, if you’re like me and you struggle to notice things and express gratitude, write a letter doing something like I’ve done.  It never hurts to say thank you.  Think about a person who does things you don’t see.  It may not be a leader.  It may be a friend or a relative or a coworker.  Acknowledge them in some way and say thanks.

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