Spotting Someone Else’s Growth

I spoke in chapel at Garrett-Evangelical a little over a week ago.  I enjoyed myself.  Even though I only had 15 minutes to preach.  15 minutes.  I told them it takes me that long to clear my throat. 

The chapel was a commissioning service for the students who were either recently placed or soon-to-be-placed in their field education sites.  Ann Rosewall, my supervisor and track coordinator and the director of field education at the seminary, invited me to preach.  Dr. Rosewall also planned the service.  She did the most splendid thing.  She asked my students from last year’s class to lead the various elements of the service. 

Well, the thing got done.  I preached.  I like to preach.  Love to.  But the best part of being a participant in the service was seeing my students from last year’s class.  So I preached, and my class from last year (with one exception) did everything else. 

It was bliss.  I was proud and happy, almost tickled like I didn’t know these servants were as talented as they exhibited themselves to be.  I knew that.  I had seen for an entire year the gifts they had.  I watched and listened as they developed from new students, fresh into a seminary, most of them new to the area as well, and there they were in the chapel, leading.  It’s remarkable seeing a person or a group months later.  You get to see them differently and you get to see the growth, the space between where you knew them to be and where they are today.


2 thoughts on “Spotting Someone Else’s Growth

  1. I believe everyone that teaches and imparts to someone else is happy to see the growth, from where you first started, where you ended and what has subsequentlytranspired. To know as a teacher you had a part in “watering” what God had originally planted and what He gives increase is an awesome experience. Love and peace.

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