The Winner Is…

Thanks for all your book recommendations.  I am planning my next run to Azizi Books and then to the 57th Street Bookstore with great gratitude.  I hope a few of you can pick up your own copy of Ms. McFadden’s latest.  For one of you that will be as easy as going to the mailbox. 

The winner and soon recipient of Glorious is Vanessa.  I will email you this morning to get a mailing address.

It looks like my next author interview will be with Mr. Ravi Howard, author of Like Trees, Walking.  After that, I hope to have Ms. Donna Freitas, author of This Gorgeous Game, and Ms. Maaza Mengiste, author of Beneath the Lion’s Gaze, on the blog.  Perhaps you should pick those novels up or visit your local library for them. 

If you know of authors, particularly debut authors–more fiction than nonfiction if you will–let me know about their work.  I’ll consider adding the works to my leaning pile on the shelf and contacting them about an interview.


One thought on “The Winner Is…

  1. I’ve never considered willfulness vs. willingness. What comes to mind immediately though is one morning not so long ago. I may have experienced some type of spirtual awakening; a move closer to willingness. I woke quietly after a restless night and unlike most mornings I sprung out of bed and began my daily routine. Unlike most mornings, I experienced a strange sense of peace within even though the bills were still due, job was still unfulfilling, children still worrisome, health still failing… nothing had changed since the day before.

    Perhpaps I am being simplistic and there is no correlation at all. However, I am curious and will pick the book up as soon as I can. Thanks.

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