Better Decisions, pt. 4 of 4

Last, but just as valuable as the first, is my fourth piece to better decisions.


You don’t need to move as quickly as you think you do.  Exercise your smart muscles until good choices become your reflex.  Until that’s been discerned about you, slow down.  Until you’ve made mistakes and carried the scars to show it, pause.  Instead of going at it alone, ask for help.  Nobody says you have to good at making decisions yourself.  You can use people for their wisdom. 

Until somebody you trust tells you that you’re good to go, that you’re growing in wisdom, that you’re getting better, wait.  That means you’ve got to loosen the grip on your pride.  You’ve got to give somebody else the right to tell you what to do.  You’ve got to listen and put someone else’s view close enough to first place for a while, if not in first place altogether.

This pushes you toward others.  This act pulls you away from yourself.  It’s not inherently bad.  It doesn’t mean you can’t be independent.  It isn’t a slap against your brain or your wit or your ingenuity.  It’s a reminder–as smart and witty as you may be–that you are not alone. 

I know people who hate waiting.  But waiting to make a decision doesn’t mean waiting for every other thing.  Do something else while you wait.  Work on some other area.  Pay attention to something else.  It’ll make it easier.  Still, at the end of the day, to wait means to wait.  If the world won’t end without you making the choice, pause long enough to hear wisdom.  To hear it in the form of that tiny still voice.  To hear in the words you read from writings you call sacred.  Eavesdrop of other people’s conversations and see if there’s something in it for you.

That’s enough.  I could add twelve more pieces to this.  But you’d stop reading my blog.  Until I made better decisions about posts.

What would you add to these puzzle pieces?  How have you benefited from waiting to make an important decision?  What has the fruit of waiting been, a better outcome, something unexpected, nothing at all?


One thought on “Better Decisions, pt. 4 of 4

  1. I think that waiting and feeling how your potential decision might make you feel are inseparable. You can’t feel without giving yourself space and time to process how you’re responding. I’m not good at waiting. But it always bears fruit when I do. So I’ve learned to do it — sometimes with gritted teeth and tapping foot. Waiting patiently? I’d imagine that’s the next step in the process.

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