Two Teachers on Curriculum Decisions Made in Texas

The state board of education in Texas made some pretty audacious decisions earlier this year.  It’s no secret that their decisions were motivated by their responsibilities to the students in their state.  Perhaps their political leanings impacted those decisions, too.  In fact, that’s just as obvious when you read through some of the litter leading to their choices. 

I’ve followed some piercing reflection over the last months about these decisions, thinking about them as a learner primarily and as a theological educator secondarily.  I’m not even ready to consider this from the perspective of a father.  However, I asked two friends to respond to a series of questions about education, curriculum, and how children learn. 

So, I’ll feature two substantial posts from two friends–one from Sonia Wang and another from Marcus Campbell.  They are both educators.  They have things to say.

If you’d like to read the articles I sent them to start them on their critical, analytical paths for their posts, take a look here and here.  You can search other materials but I didn’t want you to have too many options.  These articles come from a perspective, as all articles do, but I think they’ll give you a fair amount of background for what Sonia and Marcus (or Ms. Wang and Mr. Campbell) have to say.  Take the weekend to read the short articles.


2 thoughts on “Two Teachers on Curriculum Decisions Made in Texas

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