If You’re in the Neighborhood

Here are two events this weekend in the Hyde Park area which promise to be fun.  Stop by if you can and say hello if you see me.

1) The WVON Health and Wellness fair.  This event is designed to offer families information on ways to maintain health and fitness for the mind, body, and soul.  It’s sponsored by an African American radio station and will run from 7Am to 4PM Saturday only.  Activities include a one-mile walk, children’s horseback riding, and bellydancing.

2) The annual 57th street art fair.  If you’re an art lover and you’re from Chicago, you already know about this.  Come find great art and jewelry, food, and entertainment.  You’ll see photography and prints to purchase, along with a host of artists to connect with from the area.  The fair is Saturday and Sunday so you can come one or both days.  The HP Herald mentioned the fair too.



One thought on “If You’re in the Neighborhood

  1. Wow! I remember a life time ago always attending the 57th Street Art Fair. This was one of Chicago’s outstanding events! Then, of course, there was the Old Town Art Fair – memories. And what about the South Loop Book Fair? I could go on and on but this is not a nostalgia moment!

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