When Did Crying Become Bad

I told my wife, my mother, and my niece that crying wasn’t so bad.  “If he’s clean and fed,” I said of my son, “then what’s so bad about him crying?”  My mother nodded.  My wife turned up a brow.  My niece slipped a smile as she watched our son.  It was her first time meeting him, and she had already summoned me to come get him when he started into his evening song. 

I think of Bryce’s roars as songs.

I later told my wife that God knew what parents needed.  We need to care differently about cries, screams and tears in week five than we did during week one.  Otherwise, there’d be a lot less families!

Maybe I’m a little more heartless than the average person, but I think it’s good to cry.  Kids exercise their lungs, and that has to be good, no?  One person told me the other day that crying babies are communicating babies.  So, in his mind–and I’ve heard not a few people say something like this–the kid is telling us what he needs or wants.

I’m thankful that Bryce doesn’t suffer from colic.  That I don’t suffer from it.  He cries as any normal baby would.  It’s just that normal goes a very long way, and it seems to include whatever he decides to do or not do.

In my mind, if the child is cared for, really provided for, in terms of diapers, clothes, food and all, then it’s a choice between 1) what he needs or wants and 2) what I need and want.  He wants to be held.  Comforted the articles say.  I want to wash clothes.  Yes, I have the snuggle vest, but that doesn’t work for every scenario.  So there will be times when I surrender to my son’s want for closeness and times when I’ll say to myself, “I seldom get picked up everytime I want it, so Bryce will have to adjust.” 

What say you?


2 thoughts on “When Did Crying Become Bad

  1. I say crying is good! I wish my mom felt the same as me – my 1 yr old daughter, Riley, doesn’t cry for longer than a few seconds before grandma is right there to pick her up or give her what she wants. So grandma always comes out on top and mommy looks like the bad guy:)

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