Seeing Different Things

Relationships are hard.  People love each other, and the feelings of love are incredible.  They are vital for any quality relationship.  But love is hardly enough to sustain two persons through arguments and betrayals, extreme familiarity and commonness, small and large disagreements, poor choices, and morning breath. 

Life makes committed relationships difficult.  They are even harder when two people enter them, with opposing views of the world. 

You may know that most marriages in this country end in divorce.  A sobering fact.  It’s even more sobering when you learn that people of faith, particularly Christians, are just as likely to end marriages in divorce than folks who don’t espouse that faith.

A lot can be said about divorce and I don’t want to say anything more about it.  I want to point out something that I think is foundational to nurturing and maintaining good relationships.  Relationships are simpler, easier, and stronger when two people believe the same things about the most important things.

In my world that has a lot to do with how a person understands God.  How a person responds to God. 

For instance, can two people sustain love and maintain a strong relationship if one of them wholly believes that God is “in charge” of his life while, at the same time, his wife doesn’t?

But when a person possesses a faith that claims to change their entire lives, their opinions and practices, and their frameworks about God being over them, it changes everything.  Many people may not believe this with their hearts, but if God is over a person’s life, then that person is not.  And when that person is in a relationship with someone who believes something fundamentally different, then that fundamental difference produces a different picture of the world.  The two people in the relationship see different things.  They believe differently about that one major, life-changing topic, God’s involvement.

What do you think?


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