Why I Write

For six years I’ve written regularly for two magazines who publish education materials for churches.  At the time I started, I didn’t consider myself a writer.  Since then, I’ve gladly accepted that I am a writer. 

You can find a host of definitions for writers.  Writers write.  Writers publish.  Writers create space.  Writers tell stories.  And on it goes.  Rather than define what I mean by claiming this part of my vocational life, I want to list the reasons why I write.  I’ll expand on each indvidual point later.

I write:

1) To tell a story

2) To learn someting interesting

3) To entertain by creating a world for the reader

4) To inform the reader about something old

5) To express something beautiful about humanity

6) To creatively image or imagine God through literary means

7) To please God who loves words

I have a long life of writing in me.  I’m not just starting but I’m no where near where I’d like my publishing career to go.

I realize that some of this blog’s readers are also writers.  Others do all kinds of other things.  No matter if you’re a writer, you are a reader

Think about the last novel you finished.  Or the one you stopped reading before it ended.  For those non-fiction readers, consider your last book.  Tell me, why did you read what those writers wrote?  What about the written word or the author’s work kept you reading?  Or give us the name of a book worth reading.


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