Something New

A few years ago my wife forced me to take her to see Something New.  It’s a movie she loved.  In fact, she loved it so much that she actually purchased tickets to see it three or four times when it was in the theatres years ago and went, even without telling me about her addiction to the film.  Do you know how much it costs to go to the show?  It’s not been cheap to see a movie since I watched Beauty and the Beast at Evergreen Plaza Theatres.  And Evergreen Plaza hasn’t had a movie theatre for almost twenty years.

Nonetheless, Dawn saw this picture, took me to see it, and eventually confessed how much she liked this film.  I wasn’t suspicious until she bought the DVD and placed in on our shelf at home.  I wasn’t worried until the third time I caught her watching the DVD after she had seen it in the theatre and seen it at home twice.  So I asked her about her fascination.  I didn’t use the word fascination.  I probably didn’t mention anything about an addiction.  I’m sure I was casual.  I was even.  I was smooth, cool. 

I’m not going to review the film.  Dawn does that.  She hasn’t written a review of Something New–I don’t think I could take it–but that’s her area, not mine.  Rather than a review, I want to reflect on my distant experience while watching her enjoy that film.  She enjoyed the narrative arc, though she wouldn’t use those words. 

The movie repositioned the old but vibrant love story that’s been told a million times after language first got started: A woman meets a man and they fall in love.  More specifically, a successful attractive woman meets a man who’s set to turn her backyard into a beautiful garden retreat.  He does a good job and before he’s done, he’s found a developing relationship with this young lady. 

The characters captured my wife because they were believable.  They were different but they succeeded in suspending any disbelief my wife had.  Apparently these characters were so good at this that Dawn could watch and watch and watch.

This blog is new.  It is something new.  Perhaps it’s not as engaging as the screenplay and movie my wife found so much fondness for, but I hope it’ll engage you as you read and comment and return for the same. 

Tell me.  What have you seen–movie, art, literature, or the like–that you keep returning to.  What is it and what about it calls you back?


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